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What is the best video editing software for Mac and PC

What is the best video editing software for Mac and PC,
and video editing software.What's the best free software, budget, what do I use, what are tips for video editing So, let us jump into it.Gareth asks, quot;I was wondering for first time YouTubers on a very low budget, what software do you recommend quot;I would recommend, literally if you're just starting out, start with the free 

 recommend Adobe Premiere Elements
software that you already have.IMovie on your Mac, or Windows Movie Maker on your PC, and just use that for a while.Start posting videos.Its not the best, but it definitely will get the job done, so that's a great starting point.Now, as far as low budget software goes, I really recommend Adobe Premiere Elements.You can actually grab Elements 14 now.But, I also recommend that you get the bundle with Photoshop Elements, I think you can get that for about 

 the best video editing software
80 bucks, and a lot of times during like cyber Monday and stuff sometimes its heavily discounted.That is a great way to get into, not just your video editing software with Premier,but also creating your thumbnails and other social media graphics with Photoshop Elements.Vince asks, What do you use for video editing software, and do you use a Mac or a PC Thanks for the questions Vince.Now, personally, and what I think is the best video editing software, is 

Adobe Premier Pro,or CC, Creative Cloud right now.That's what I personally use, and I know this may be controversial but I use a PC to edit.I know a lot of people who edit on Mac.ve actually been on PC my whole life and ve been using Premier since 2002.That many versions ago, ve been on Adobe Premier, its just gotten better and betterand its really what I recommend that you eventually get into, or if you want to jumpright into it right now I believe its the best video editing software.For a couple reasons.It has whats called the mercury playback engine, thats able to utilize the GPU onyour computer.Now, not to
video editing softwares most peoples
 get too technical on you, but it sounds kind a weird that actually a lotof video editing softwares dont really use your video card for processing video.Premier started to utilize that with the mercury playback engine meaning this; it edits faster,it renders faster, it exports faster.And so Premier, with the right Mac or PC, is super powerful.Now, I also recommend Final Cut 10, because it also can do really fast rendering and processing.For most peoples needs I 
Final Cut or Premier software
think speed is everything when it comes to YouTube, so either of thosesolutions setup right, whether Final Cut or Premier on a good computer will reallyspeed up how fast you can edit, render, export, all of those things.Now Adobe Premier costs about 20 bucks a month and its a subscription, and I think itsworth every single penny.Final Cut costs 300 bucks one time, and I think you do get upgrades with that, but thenice thing about paying monthly is that theyre always upgrading the software so its alwayscompatible with the latest video camera formats.You know, depending on what kind of camera, or if youre using 
learning editing 
a GoPro or a DSLR or somekind of point and shoot, the video file formats are always a little bit different and Premierdoes like a great job of handling all those file formats, and staying current.Life Hacks and Pranks asks, "Can you do a video on editing?"For now, I have not done a video on editing, but heres my biggest tip for learning howto use any of these pieces of software.mentioned here but definitely Premier,definitely Final Cut.You can probably sign up for a free trial and if you were to just take a day, just takea weekend day to go through all of those modules, youre  
video editing tips
going to learn how to edit.Thats probably the shortest path from point A to point B when it comes to learning editing.Think Sterling asks, "How long did it take to learn the editing techniques needed to create this video. I watch videos like this and wonder how difficult it is to learn." So, my general video editing tips are this. It took quite a while. I think that anything gets better, you know, as you practice and as you do it a lot, and been editing video for it feels like almost 15 years now. Repetition really will help you get better. Just getting in there and doing it will help you get better.
Meaning, look at somebody Whoa, that editing is on point." Then, try to replicate that. Actually, early on the influences that I would look to were skate videos, like skateboarding, snowboard videos. The editing style, the music choice, the way that they edited too music, the whole vibe, I think the creativity of that industry, is huge. So, if you want to really kind of level up your vibe and, you know,  
you could, of course, follow people like today, guys like Casey Neistat are taking editing to the next level. Learn the software like through Linda, and then watch content that is really good editing and then just imitates it. I mean, you know, it's still going to be different when you do it, but you go, " Okay wow,
look how fast their cuts are, how could I speed up my cuts. How could I edit to the beat on music more?" Things like that. That probably my best tips for getting better, and then just do it a lot and you'll get better over time. Question of the day, "What video software do you use, and what are your tips for getting better at video editing


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